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Jockey Al-Kharafi wins without errors

15 April 2017

Riding on the horse “Dancing Kuwait”, Kuwaiti jockey Ali Al- Kharafi managed to jump 135 cm without any errors, making him the winner of the late Dalal Al-Humaidhi Horse Jumping Championship which was held at Kuwait Horse Riding Center. Al-Kharafi completed his jumps in 34:99 seconds. The jockey Bavel Franco came in second place followed by Yara Al-Huneidi in third place, Ahmad Al-Anaz in fourth place and Lulu Al-Essa in fifth place.

The event was attended by Sheikh Fahad Ahmad Al-Fahad, Sheikh Meshal Talal Al-Fahad and members of the Al-Kharafifamily. The prizes were distributed to the winners by Khaled Al-Humaidhi, representing the family. Ali Al-Kharafiwith his horse “Columbus” also won the 125 cm horse jump which witnessed participation of 30 jockeys. He was followed by Bavel Franco in second place, and Rakan Al- Hassawi in third place, while the fourth and fifth places were taken by Abdulrahman Al-Fuzae with different horses.

In the 110 cm jump, Yousef Al-Nasrullah took the first place, followed by Fahad Al-Masoud in second place, Fatima Al-Sabah in third place, Nasser Al-Akshan in fourth place and Abdullah Al- Gharabali in fifth place. In the 70/80 cm jump for amateurs which witnessed participation of 74 jockeys, Yaqoub Al- Nasrullah came first, followed by Soji Bhai in second place, Bader Al-Haifiin third place, Fatima Al- Qallaf in fourth place and Bader Al-Aradhi in fifth place.

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