What is the acceptable age of students?
The minimum age of the students has to be six year.
What is the acceptable weight of students?
Max. 90 kg
What types of lessons are offered?
We offer the following lesbian porn types of lessons:
• Group lessons
• Semi private lessons
• Private lessons
Are there any lessons in the morning?
Only private and semiprivate lessons are offered in the hot lesbian porn morning.
Do porn cartoon you accept all riding levels?
We accept all riding levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
What is the duration of lessons?
We offer both 30 minute lessons and 45 minute lessons.
What are the office timings?
Saturday to Thursday morning 9 am to 1 pm and afternoon 4 pm to 8 pm. We are closed on Friday.
What equipments are needed for riding?
The necessary equipments for riding are
• Tri-band Helmet
• Boots
• Riding gay sex breeches
Where can we buy riding equipment?
Yes, KRC has a fully cartoon porn pics equipped tack shop. Contact number: 24751773.
What time is my lesson?
Contact the office at 24751551/2/3/4 or 90986388
What is the procedure of cancellation of lessons?
If any student wants to cancel his/her lesson he/she has to call 24 hours before the lesson or you can send a text message to 90986388.
How buy generic clomid online can we get to KRC?
A map is available in the contact us page.